Running log of additions and changes, 2019

I attempt to summarize here what work I have done on ASW starting 1 January 2018. (Previous additions and changes are in another file.) This log will not include error corrections and the like and I cannot promise that there will not be errors of omission or commission inasmuch as this log is not being constructed automatically and focuses on publications rather than on particular changes and fixes.

20 February 2019: Added comments under Hylidae, Pelodryadidae, and Phyllomedusidae noting the publication of Schmid, Steinlein, Haaf, Feichtinger, Guttenbach, Bogart, Gruber, Kasahara, Kakampuy, del Pino, Carrillo, Romero-Carvajal, Mahony, King, Duellman, and Hedges, 2018, Schmid, Bogart, and Hedges (eds.), Arboranan Frogs: 1–325, who reported on the cytogenetics of Hylidae, Pelodryadidae, and Phyllomedusiae.  

19 February 2019: Added a comment under Boana latistriatus (Hylidae), noting the publication of Luna-Dias and Carvalho-e-Silva, 2019, ZooKeys, 820: 83–94, who reported on calls. 

18 February 2019: Added a comment under Scinax constrictus (Hylidae), noting the publication of Santos, Gambale, Bastos, and Nomura, 2019, J. Herpetol., 53: 62–67, who described the larval morphology. 

18 February 2019: Added Pseudopaludicola jazmynmcdonaldae (Leptodactylidae), named by Andrade, Silva, Koroiva, Fadel, and Santana, 2019, J. Herpetol., 53: 68–80, from Lagoa da Sucuri, Canadá Farm, municipality of Caseara, state of Tocantins, Brazil (9°2456S, 49°5828W, 177 m elevation). 

18 February 2019: Added a comment under Sylvirana guentheri (Ranidae), noting the publication of Wei, Zhou, Fan, Flanders, Ding, and Lin, 2019, Bioacoustics, 28: 129–139, who reported on the advertisement call in Zhejiang, China.    

18 February 2019: Added a comment under Leptodactylus plaumanni (Leptodactylidae), noting the publication of Mello, Gonçalves, Solé, Rossa-Feres, and Conte, 2018, Stud. Neotrop. Fauna Environ., 53: 233–244, who compared larval morphology of Brazilian and Argentinian populations, suggesting the possibility that they represent two species. 

18 February 2019: Added a comment under Anomaloglossus baeobatrachus (Aromobatidae), noting the publication of Fouquet, Ferrier, Salmona, Tirera, Vacher, Courtois, Gaucher, Lima, Nunes, Souza, Rodrigues, and Noonan, 2019, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 130: 169–180, who discussed introgression among larval endotrophic and exotrophic members of the species complex. 

17 February 2019: Added Phrynobatrachus bibita (Phrynobatrachidae), named by Goutte, Reyes-Velasco, and Boissinot, 2019, ZooKeys, 824: 53–70, from Bibita Mountain, southwestern Ethiopia (6.8229N, 35.0938E, datum = WGS84; 1972 m a.s.l.). 

17 February 2019: Added a comment under Rhacophorus (Rhacophoridae) noting the publication of O'Connell, Smart, Smith, Hamidy, Kurniawan, and Fujita, 2018, J. Biogeograph., 45: 929–940, who reported on the molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the species focusing on the biogeography of the Sunda Shelf. 

17 February 2019: Added a number of comments under Eurycea (Plethodontidae) and the records for the paedomorphic species of central Texas, to reference the publication of Devitt, Wright, Cannatella, and Hillis, 2019, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 116: 2624–2633, who reported on the phylogenetic relationships and aquifer loyalty of the species. 

16 February 2019: Added a comment in the synonymy of Boana prasina (Hylidae) noting the publication of Costa and Santana, 2018, Zoosystema, 40: 493–499, who commented on the constroversy regarding the priority of the name Hyla quoyi Bory de Saint-Vencent, 1828. 

16 February 2019: Added a comment under Ameerega flavopicta (Dendrobatidae), noting the publication of Dias, Brandão, and Grant, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 323–328, who described larval morphology in comparison with other species of Ameerega

16 Febrary 2019: Added a comment under Pedostibes tuberculosus (Bufonidae) noting the publication of Dharwadkar, Bednarski, Inman, and Mallapur, 2019, Zoos' Print J., 34: 18–20, who provided a dot map and added a new locality in Maharashtra, India. 

16 February 2019: Added comments under Pelophylax cerigensis and Pelophylax bedriagae (Ranidae), noting the publication of Toli, Siarabi, Bounas, Pafilis, Lymberakis, and Sotiropoulos, 2018, Acta Herpetol., Firenze, 13: 117–123, who discussed the molecular phylogenetics of the species. 

16 February 2019: Added a comment under Leptopelis flavomaculatus (Arthroleptidae) noting the publication of Quattrini, Kasozi, Polo-Cavia, Márquez, Narins, and Hödl, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 311–322, who discussed the behavioral and morphological differences of sympatric species both identified as this species in northeastern Tanzania. 

16 February 2019: Added a comment under Triturus (Salamandridae) noting the publication of Wielstra, McCartney-Melstad, Arntzen, Butlin, and Shaffer, 2019, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 133: 120–127, who discussed the ecological evolution and phylogenetic relationships of the species within the genus. 

16 February 2019: Added Neurergus strauchii munzurensis (Salamandridae) to the synonymy of Neurergus strauchii, named by Olgun, Avcı, Bozkurt, Üzüm, Olgun, and Ilgaz, 2016, Russ. J. Herpetol., 23: 271277, named from 20 km northeast of Tunceli Province, Turkey. 

16 February 2019: Added Neurergus barani (Salamandridae), elevated from status as a subspecies of Neurergus strauchii by Rancilhac, Goudarzi, Gehara, Hemami, Elmer, Vences, and Steinfartz, 2019, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 133: 189–197. 

15 February 2019: Added a comment under Polypedates taeniatus (Rhacophoridae), noting the publication of Deuti, Murthy, and Sethy, 2018, Rec. Zool. Surv. India, 118: 298–306, who provided a record from Behala Aerodroma, south Kolkata, West Bengal, India, and reported on call of postembryonic developmental stages. 

15 February 2019: Added a comment under Bufo spinosus (Bufonidae) noting the publication of Skorinov, Bolshakova, Donaire, Pasynkova, and Litvinchuk, 2018, Russ. J. Herpetol., 25: 253–258, who reported on the karyotype. 

15 February 2019: Added a comment under Rana macrocnemis (Ranidae) noting the publication of Avcı, Üzüm, Bozkurt, and Olgun, 2018, Russ. J. Herpetol., 25: 17–24, who provided records for Tunceli Province, east-central Turkey. 

15 February 2019: Added a comment under Gastrotheca microdiscus (Hemiphractidae) noting the publication of Monteiro, Condez, Malagoli, De Nardin, and Haddad, 2019, Salamandra, 55: 48–53, who provided information on distribution, natural history, advertisement call, and molecular genetics. 

15 February 2019: Added Adenomera phonotriccus (Leptodactylidae), named by Carvalho, Giaretta, Angulo, Haddad, and Peloso, 2019, Am. Mus. Novit., 3919: 1–21, from the municipality of Palestina do Pará (5.70228° S, 48.24949° W; 166 m), on the western margin of the lower Araguaia River, state of Pará, northern Brazil. 

13 February 2019: Added Mysticellus franki (Microhylidae), new genus and species, named by Garg and Biju, 2019, Sci. Rep. (Nature, London), 9 (1906): 1–13, from Suganthagiri (11°32′19″ N 76°3′14″ E, 852m asl), Wayanad district, Kerala state, India, and who discussed the biogeography of the Mysticellus–Micryletta clade. 

11 February 2019: Added Charadrahyla sakbah (Hylidae), named by Jiménez-Arcos, Calzada-Arciniega, Alfaro-Juantorena, Vázquez-Reyes, Blair, and Parra-Olea, 2019, Zootaxa, 4554: 371–385, from Río Chite ku'e (Río de las Mil Cascadas), San Isidro Paz y Progreso, Santa Maria Yucuhiti, Oaxaca, Mexico. 1390 m elevation. 

11 February 2019: Added Megophrys ombrophila (Megophryidae), named by Messenger and Dahn in Messenger, Dahn, Liang, Xie, Wang, and Lu, 2019, Zootaxa, 4554: 561–583, from outside Guadun village, Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Wuyi City, Fujian Province, China.

9 February 2019: Added Allobates carajas (Aromobatidae), named by Simões, Rojas, and Lima, 2019, Zootaxa, 4550: 71–100, from the Serra Sul region of Floresta Nacional de Carajás, in the municipality of Parauapebas, state of Pará, Brazil. 

9 February 2019: Added Hynobius sematonotus and Hynbobius oyamai (Hynobiidae), named from, respectively, mountain regions from Okayama Prefecture to Yamaguchi Prefecture, Chugoku district, Honshu, western Japan, and mountain regions of northeastern Kyushu district, western Japan, in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Oita Prefectures by Tominaga, Matsui, and Nishikawa, 2019, Zootaxa, 4550: 525–544. 

30 January 2019: Added Megophrys leishanensis (Megophryidae), named by Li, Xu, Liu, Jiang, Wei, and Wang, 2019 "2018", Asian Herpetol. Res., 9: 224–239, from .Leigong Mountain, Leishan County, Guizhou Province, China, 1571 m elevation. 

30 January 2019: Added comments under Polypedates megacephalus and Polypedates mutus (Rhacophoridae) noting the publication of Liu, Wang, Zhai, and Wang, 2019 "2018", Asian Herpetol. Res., 9: 240–249, who reported on call characteristics.  

30 January 2019: added Pseudophilautus conniffae (Rhacophoridae), named by Batuwita, De Silva, and Udugampala, 2019, J. Threatened Taxa, 11: 13120–13131 from Dediyagala Forest Reserve, Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

24 January 2019: Added Scutiger tengchongensis (Megophryidae), named by Yang and Huang, 2019, Copeia, 107: 10–21, from Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve, Xiaotianhe substation, Tengchong City, Yunnan, China, 3000 m.

24 January 2019: Added a comment under Elachistocleis corumbaensis (Microhylidae) and modified the range statement to reflect the publication of Silva-Alves, D’Ávila, Costa, Barbosa, Brum, Silva, Ignácio, Carniello, Muniz, Santos, Seba, Nogueira, Silva, Gusmão, Mudrek, Silva, and Canale, 2019, Check List, 15: 17–20, who provided new records from southwestern Mato Grosso, Brazil. 

23 January 2019: Added Fritziana mitus (Hemiphractidae), named by Walker, Wachlevski, Nogueira da Costa, Nogueira-Costa, Garcia, and Haddad, 2018, Herpetologica, 74: 329–341, from Atlantic Forest area in the Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro; 420 m above sea level;, municipality of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Santa Catarina State, Brazil. 

16 January 2019: Added comments under the relevant species found in Hidalgo, Mexico, noting the brief accounts and range maps provided by Lemos-Espinal and Dixon, 2016, Amph. Rept. Hidalgo.

15 January 2019: Added comments under the relevant species found in Durango, Mexico, noting the brief accounts and range maps provided by Lemos-Espinal, Smith, and Valdes-Lares, 2019, Amph. Rept. Durango

13 January 2019: Added Microhyla gadjahmadai (Microhylidae), named by Atmaja, Hamidy, Arisuryanti, Matsui, and Smith, 2018, Treubia, 45: 25–46, from Vila Hijau on Curup Lubik, Lingau Road, Rejang Lebong Regency, in the province of Bengkulu, Indonesia. 

10 January 2019: Added a comment under Leptobrachium boringii (Megophryidae), noting the publication of Li, Li, Chen, Liu, and Shen, 2019, MtDNA, Part B, 4: 265–266, who reported on the mitochondrial genome.   

10 January 2019: Added a comment under Pithecopus rohdei (Phyllomedusidae) noting the publication of Ramos, Magalhães, Marques, Baêta, Garcia, and Santos, 2019, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 132: 105–116, who suggested on the basis of mtDNA alone that this species is a complex of five cryptic species, of which the named population is the sister taxon of Pithecopus megacephalus, with the remaining lineages outside of that monophyletic group.

10 January 2019: Added Microhyla aurantiventris (Microhylidae), named by Nguyen, Poyarkov, Nguyen, Nguyen, Tran, Gorin, Murphy, and Nguyen, 2019, Zootaxa, 4543: 549–580, from Tram Lap Forest, Kon Von II Village, Dak Rong Commune, K’Bang District, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam. 

4 January 2019: Added Amolops sinensis Lyu, Wang, and Wang (Shimentai Nature Reserve, Guangdong", China) and Amolops yatseni Lyu, Wang, and Wang  (Mount Wugui, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China), both named in Lyu, Huang, Wang, Li, Chen, Qi, and Wang, 2019, ZooKeys, 812: 133–156, which included a 16S mtDNA tree and map of the members of the Amolops ricketti group. 

3 January 2019: Added a comment under Pithecopus rusticus (Phyllomedusidae) noting the publication of Bastiani, Boschetti, Santos, and Lucas, 2019, Biota Neotrop., São Paulo, 19 (1: e20180570): 1–7, who described larval morphology. 

3 January 2019: Added a comment under Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni (Centrolenidae), noting the publication of Mendoza, Bolívar-García, Vázquez-Domínguez, Ibáñez D., and Parra-Olea, 2019, PeerJ, 7 (e6115): 1–28, who reported on mtDNA phylogeography, identifying three geographic populations which, should nuDNA share the same pattern, likely will be named as species.